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“Purna Chetana Public School Sets Elite World Record with Innovative Smart Village Concept in Robotic Marathon”

Mysuru, Karnataka – July 9, 2024:Purna Chetana Public School in Mysuru is celebrating its 11th anniversary with the “Purna Chetana World Records Festival 2024.” This event highlights the school’s dedication to education, featuring attempts to set nine team and five individual world records. A key highlight is the “Longest Marathon of Assembling Robotic Models by a Team,” reflecting the school’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into its curriculum. The event has earned World Record titles from Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, and India Records Academy, underscoring the school’s pioneering spirit in educational robotics.

Darshan Raj, CEO of Purna Chetana Public School, stated that, In an effort to address real-life challenges faced in rural areas, 132 students from Purna Chetana Public School created a miniature model of a “smart village,” showcasing solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence and robotics. These students were organized into 68 teams of two and worked from 7:00 a.m. to 11:52 p.m. on Saturday, July 6, 2024, for 16 continuous hours and 52 minutes on the school premises, completing their project. Out of the 68 teams, 66 were qualified and considered approved according to world record norms.


As we prioritize the development of smart cities, we must not overlook our villages, which are the backbone of the country. This initiative is designed to bridge this gap and empower farmers and rural population with cutting-edge technology solutions, all while preserving the authentic cultural fabric of rural life – stated Darshan Raj.


Maadhurya Ramaswamy, CAO, stated that Our students collaborated with local villagers to identify real-life problems and presented their solutions through the miniature smart village. They assembled 68 unique robotic models incorporating coding and AI technology. These creations included functional robots such as an automatic pump for fields, garbage segregator, farm laser security, alcohol detector, voice-controlled lights, automatic railway gate, automatic street light, automatic fire detector, automatic trash can, farm monitoring systems, and soil moisture auto pump, among others. Looking ahead, the school plans to scale up the model by establishing a life-size smart village unit on campus, which can serve as a template for implementing real-life solutions, she detailed further.


Dr. Vidyasagar P., President of the School, highlighted the numerous benefits of incorporating robotics at the school level. “Robotics fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity among students,” he explained. “It equips them with essential 21st-century skills such as coding, engineering, and teamwork. By engaging in hands-on robotics projects, students not only learn technical skills but also develop resilience and adaptability—traits crucial for future success in any field. We are very proud of our children for this accomplishment.”

The event was adjudicated by Dr. Sathyasree Guptha and Dr. Hanifa Banu from Elite World Records; Dr. A.K. Senthil Kumar, Dr. B. Sivakumaran, and Mr. Sudhya S. from Asian Records Academy; and Mr. K.R. Venkatesvaran and Dr. Jamuna Raju from India Records Academy. They verified and officially certified the attempt as successful.


Dr.Satyasree Guptha.K, Ambassador and Senior Adjudicator from Elite World Records, praised the event: “The sheer scale and ambition of this record attempt are commendable. Purna Chetana Public School has set a high bar for educational excellence and innovation. This event is a perfect example of how schools can integrate practical skills with academic learning, preparing students for the future.”

Dr. B. Siva Kumaran, Ambassador and Senior Adjudicator of Asian Records Academy, commended the school’s efforts. “The level of coordination and creativity displayed by these young students is truly remarkable. Purna Chetana Public School has set a new benchmark, and this event not only highlights the potential of young minds but also the importance of nurturing such talent from an early age.”

K.R. Venkatesvaran, Records Manager at India Records Academy, also praised the event. “The absolute dedication and innovation shown by the students of Purna Chetana Public School are commendable. This event exemplifies how integrating technology into education can lead to extraordinary outcomes, and it will inspire many schools across the country.”

Parents, too, expressed their admiration and pride in their children’s achievements. Indu P Keserker, mother of Vansh P (Grade IX) shared, “I am amazed at what these kids have accomplished. The school has provided them with an incredible opportunity to explore and excel in robotics. It’s a proud moment for all of us.”

Another parent, Mrs. Neela, added, “This experience has been transformative for my child. It’s not just about the robots they built, but the teamwork, perseverance, and problem-solving skills they have developed. I am grateful to the school for fostering such a stimulating learning environment.”

The “Purna Chetana World Records Festival 2024” is more than a celebration; it is a declaration of the school’s commitment to pushing educational boundaries. By nurturing a spirit of innovation and providing students with opportunities to engage in real-world challenges, Purna Chetana Public School is preparing the next generation of thinkers, creators, and leaders.

The “Purna Chetana World Records Festival 2024” will witness many more record attempts between July 27, 2024, and August 4, 2024. Students, parents, and residents of Mysuru are eagerly awaiting to witness this extraordinary feat.

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