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Pop The Gum: Revolutionizing Child Nutrition with Innovative Growth Gummies

Chandigarh, June 29, 2024 – H-Vital Health Care proudly announces the launch of Pop The Gum, a pioneering brand dedicated to enhancing child nutrition with its innovative range of gummies for health. Designed to support the overall growth and development of children, Pop The Gum gummies are packed with essential nutrients, multivitamins and other vital nutrition elements.


In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring children receive adequate nutrition can be a challenge. Recognizing this need, H-Vital Health Care has formulated Pop The Gum to provide a convenient and enjoyable way for parents to supplement their child’s diet with essential vitamins and minerals crucial for growth. These health gummies are crafted with care, utilizing high-quality ingredients to deliver a tasty yet nutritious and healthy supplement.


Why Choose ‘Pop The Gum’?


Children require a balanced diet filled with vitamins and minerals to support their rapid growth and development. Understanding the challenges parents face in ensuring their kids get all the necessary nutrients, ‘Pop The Gum’ offers a tasty and effective solution. Each gummy is formulated with:


  • Essential Nutrients: With adequate proportion of all the essential nutrients including calcium, iron and zinc, Pop the Gum serves as a natural and effective supplement for height gain in children.
  • Multivitamins: Loaded with Vitamins A, B, C, D and E to boost immunity, improve vision, enhance cognitive functions and energy levels, Pop the Gum multivitamin gummies act as one of the best       supplements for weight gain in children.
  • Delicious Flavors: These chewable supplements come in yummy flavors that kids love making it easier for parents to ensure their children take their daily vitamins. 
  • Natural Ingredients: Made without any artificial additives, these 100% vegetarian growth gummies are gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free, nut-free and milk-free, thereby making these vegan gummies suitable for all dietary preferences.

The launch of Pop The Gum growth gummies marks a significant milestone for H-Vital Health Care, as it expands its footprint in the health and wellness sector. With the unveiling of a new dedicated website, customers across India can now easily explore and purchase Pop The Gum products online. Additionally, to cater to the growing demand, Pop The Gum is now available on leading e-commerce platforms Amazon and Flipkart, ensuring nationwide accessibility and convenient delivery options.


“We are thrilled to introduce Pop The Gum, a product that reflects our commitment to promoting children’s health through innovative nutritional solutions,” said Dr. Randeep Nanda, founder for H-Vital Health Care. “The journey of Pop the Gum has been a very emotionally enriching experience for us and we are delighted to be able to create this masterpiece and contribute towards the better health of our future generations. By providing a reliable source of essential nutrients in a format that children love, Pop The Gum aims to simplify the process of maintaining balanced nutrition amidst busy lifestyles.”


About Dr. Randeep Nanda 


In his 27 years of clinical experience, specifically in paediatric cases, Dr Randeep Nanda (HomeoClinic by Dr Nanda) observed the growing incidence of various deficiencies in children leading to impaired immunity and thus, frequent illnesses. Being a father himself and facing similar issues, he could relate to the agonies of the parents and decided to work towards the cause and thus, after thorough research and selection of exclusive, natural ingredients, he formulated Pop the Gum. Read the detailed inspiring story behind Pop the Gum at 


Each Pop The Gum variant is meticulously formulated to meet specific nutritional needs, offering options tailored to support immunity, bone health, cognitive function and overall well-being. Whether it’s Vitamin C for immunity boost or Omega-3 for brain development or iron supplements for vitality, every gummy is crafted to be both effective and delicious, making nutrition an enjoyable part of every child’s day.


The launch of Pop The Gum aligns with H-Vital Health Care’s mission to empower parents in nurturing healthy, thriving children.


To celebrate the launch, Pop The Gum is offering special promotions and discounts on its new website and partner platforms. Customers can take advantage of these offers to experience the benefits of these innovative nutrition gummies firsthand.


For more information about Pop The Gum and to explore the full range of products or read customer reviews, visit You can also follow Pop The Gum on social media for latest updates and promotions.


About H-Vital Health Care:


H-Vital Health Care is a leading provider of health and wellness solutions committed to enhancing the well-being of individuals and families. With a focus on innovation and quality, H-Vital Health Care strives to make a positive impact on lives through its diverse range of products.


For media inquiries, please contact:

H-Vital Health Care

Dr. Randeep Nanda

Contact: +91 988 898 5050


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