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Abhasa completes 5 years of operations in Coimbatore, Treats over 1800 individuals since 2019

Coimbatore, 13th June 2024>, Coimbatore based Abhasa, one of India’s most sought after, private, and ultra-luxurious rehabilitation centers celebrated its 5th year of operations today. In the past years of operations, Abhasa has been credited with launching India’s first and only exclusive women’s de-addiction centre in Coimbatore offering a Luxury Women’s rehabilitation center experience. This is the second centre that they have opened in coimbatore  with the first centre now being exclusively for men. Another rehabilitation centre was launched in Karjat, Maharashtra in 2021 which is also running at 100 percent capacity. Each centre has a limited capacity of 30 to 40 patients only.


Abhasa’s rehabilitation centers have amenities such as an exclusive spa, massage therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, art therapy & movement therapy and more to offer their clients.

“We are now witnessing a surge in demand from professionals who are undergoing a burn out or a depression, children who are addicted to gaming and mobiles and drug abuse too. We have been contemplating over the past two years to open one centre in the NCR region. It is still in the planning stage, said Ms Gayathri Arvind, Founder & Managing Director, Abhasa.


“Abhasa in the past five years have treated over 1800 individuals across the three centres. There is a growing demand for Luxury Ladies rehabilitation centers like ours. Surprisingly it is not only the professionals or the students who are picking up many new addictions such as online gambling and social media, but also women. Women, especially the working professionals are fast becoming addicted and this needs to be checked and rectified. We attribute this to the work and peer pressure,” added Gayathri Arvind.


“Our success lies in providing individual attention and we ensure absolute confidentiality is maintained. We provide a holistic approach when it comes to treating our patients as we understand it is a lifestyle problem that needs to be addressed. Sadly, though India has 364 government owned de-addiction centers that operate across India, the need for psychiatrists, clinical psychologists,& counselors involved in de-addiction treatment is acutely felt,” she pointed out.


Abhasa means “Constant Exercise” in Sanskrit. The  rehabilitation centers have treated patients ranging from substance addiction, alcohol, gaming, mobiles, depression, neuro disorders and a lot more by creating a place of hope and transformation.


With over 1800 patients being treated successfully, it is not only the strict policies and regimen that Abhasa follows but also attributes the success to harmony with nature, exercises, integrating and interacting with society and family-based group therapies. Every activity however small has a meaning to it and is explained to the patients and family members.


About Abhasa


Abhasa was started in 2019 at Coimbatore and opened its third centre exclusively for women in Coimbatore in 2023. The organization follows a holistic approach towards treating its patients who come to Abhasa and leave the centre in 90 days; fully recovered.


The success of Abhasa is due to their holistic way of treating patients. Their holistic treatments, carefully created after six years of intense research, understanding the pain points of patients, family members, and the limitations of rehab centers across India made them create this program that has been a runaway success.

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