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Bighneswar Satapathy: A Musical Journey from Koraput to National Recognition

Bighneswar Satapathy, hailing from Koraput, Odisha, has embarked on a remarkable musical journey that began in his childhood. When he was studying at standard 3 he developed the journey towards music. While attending Kendriya Vidyalaya Koraput, Bighneswar’s passion for music ignited, and he took his first steps onto the stage. Since then, he has participated in numerous stage shows, showcasing his talent and dedication to the art form & completed around 100 plus stage shows at very short time of period.


His efforts have not gone unnoticed, as he has garnered several accolades along the way. In 2019, Bighneswar achieved the remarkable feat of securing the 1st position at the District level and the 2nd position at the State level in the State Youth Festival conducted by Ministry of youth welfare, Odisha Govt. On 2020, he got “KALA SHREE AWARD”.

On 2021, “AGRAGAMI AWARD” from Sri Aurobindo Kalabhawan Sunabeda. His talent and hard work recently culminated in receiving the prestigious “SANGEET BIVAKAR” National-level award from Bangiya Sangeet Parishad in Kolkata, a testament to his exceptional musical prowess.


Bighneswar’s musical endeavors extend beyond performances and awards. As the CEO of “HRUSIKESH MUSIC,” he collaborates with Debadatta Satapathy to create captivating music that resonates with audiences. Their compositions, songs, and melodies find a global audience through platforms like YouTube and various social media channels, where Bighneswar shares his musical creations.


With a growing fan base, Bighneswar’s influence in the music industry continues to expand. On Instagram alone, he boasts an impressive following of 50,000 dedicated supporters who eagerly await his latest musical ventures.


While Studying in (Mechanical Engineering). He has aslo doing Diploma in Harmonium, Hindustani Vocal & Degree in Keyboard from Suranand Bharati, Kolkata.


Behind every successful musician is a guiding force, and for Bighneswar, that guiding light is Guru Shri Subash Chandra Behera, from whom he continues to learn and hone his musical skills in Sunabeda.


Bighneswar Satapathy’s journey from the quaint town of Koraput to national recognition serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians everywhere. Through his dedication, talent, and relentless pursuit of excellence, he exemplifies the transformative power of music and the endless possibilities it holds for those who dare to dream.


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