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As he engages with fans on Weverse, BTS RM drops hints about his next project: Extremely philosophic

<p>Along with other members of his group, BTS member RM is now serving in the military and is expected to return in 2025. He recently spoke with followers on Weverse, providing updates on his health. When a fan inquired about RM’s next project, RM gave a perplexing response. The fact that he would not rule out the prospect of a new project has thrilled followers.</p>
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<p>When questioned about his next endeavor, RM only said, “How do I say it? It has a strong philosophical bent.”</p>
<p>Earlier, on the occasion of Lunar New Year’s Day, RM sent a meaningful message for his followers. “Hi, Army,” he wrote. How are things going for you? I’m doing well getting used to my bed. I also had rice cake soup. As it’s the first day of the Lunar New Year, I’m taking it easy and enjoying life. I’ll have to visit you around the Lunar New Year once again. I’ll try my hardest. It will, in my opinion, be another location for education and experience. Remain well at all times and locations. I hope the positives outweigh the negatives. I’m hoping that our friendship will last. “Happy New Year!”</p>
<p>He made headlines earlier this year when he unintentionally uploaded and then removed an Instagram photo showing him smoking. Social media users quickly shared the removed image, and BTS fans worried about RM’s well-being. “Guys, please, guys, come on, it’s my life, tell your opinions about—I don’t know, guys, I’m just a singer,” he stated in response to the uproar around his smoking.</p>
<p>The musician has discussed the difficulty celebrities have while posting content on social media. It presents a problem for me since sharing might make me seem weak. He remarked, “A lot of stars, celebrities, and artists like mystery, perhaps because they’re afraid of being vulnerable or because they have a lot of scars.”</p>
<p>In terms of his career, RM launched the very successful solo album “Indigo.” ‘Jimin’s Production Diary,’ a documentary by Jimin, included him as well.</p>

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