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Finest Craftmanship from Sunita Hahata Fine Design at Singapore Show-Must Visit

Visit Sunita Nahata Fine Design Showcase At Singapore Expo Event 27-30 Sept 2022

About The Designer: Sunita Nahata Fine Design founder, Sunita Nahata is an empowering female that perfectly reflects the brand’s bold spirit and forward thinking. Her jewelry resonates what she embodies, and she strives to empower women similarly with her designs. Sunita’s artistic skills combined with her vast knowledge and experience with gemstones, allows her to play with color in jewelry like no other. She creates pieces that draw inspiration from her Indian heritage,but bringing a contemporary twist to classical style. Perfectly designed for a woman who wants to be classic yet an unconventional trend setter. Sunita Nahata Fine Design speaks sophistication, finesse and uniqueness

Craftmanship: The beauty of Sunita Nahata Fine Design pieces are that they are a true work of art with impeccable craftsmanship, as all production is done inhouse. The gemstones used in Sunita’s pieces are ethically sourced directly from the mines and then cut with precision by skilled craftsmen. These stones are then thoughtfully used to create beautiful jewelry at her factory by a team of artisans and skilled setters. Sunita’s designs are most widely known for her artistic use of colored gemstones, where her designs always focus and complement the gemstones. Her artistic skills combined with her vast knowledge and experience with gemstones allows her to play with color like no other, and so each creation is a unique piece of art.

Online Shop: Suniata Nahata has partnership with 1st dibs storefront

A Touch of Royalty: Sunita Nahata’s jewellery is a riot of exquisite, handpicked gemstones with copious amounts of old world charm and unparalleled craftsmanship observes Vijetha Rangabashyam.

Growing up in Jaipur in a family that has been cutting gemstones for decades drew Sunita Nahata closer towards jewellery. She was always inclined towards art, which lead her to painting on canvases and as she got involved gemstones as she always had an eye for rare and fine gems. “The idea of designing jewellery was inevitable once I got into the industry with my passion for art and being surrounded by beautiful gemstones helped create my destiny. At first I would design unique pieces for my family and friends and with all the positive feedback I received, I became more confident and pursued my career in designing fine jewellery to showcase at exhibitions,” says Sunita. She is reguler at the Jewelry Expo in HK and around the world events. Sunita NAhata would be present at Jewellery & Gem World Singapore Expo event from 27th to 30th September 2022

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